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50+ Best Advance Birthday Wishes to Wish Your Loved Ones In Advance


Hey, are you excited about your friend’s birthday that’s why your excitement is on another level and you are doing silly things to remind them of their birthday again and again? If you doing these silly things then you definitely come to this blog while searching the advance birthday wishes or searching like terms birthday wishes in advance. If you are then you will like the below advance birthday wishes, messages, and quotes.

50+ Advance Birthday Wishes Or Birthday Wishes In Advance

  • You are so lucky because you will have two birthdays: one on the day of your birthday and the second when I return from work.
  • Only smiles and laughter on your birthday! Advance happy bday!
  • You love to be at the head of the race, so let me greet you first too.
  • You are a special person, and because it is your special day tomorrow let me give you a special greeting too.
  • You are such a special person that I cannot help but wish you all the best you can ever have. Best birthday to a most special person!
  • I may be late at so many things in life, but I can’t afford to be late at wishing you a happy birthday! Have a blast, my dear!
  • I wish that God would shower you with all the blessings you deserve.
  • Greeting you is a race, and I want to be in the first place. Best birthday wishes to you in advance!
  • However much I hate giving you advance greetings without any advance treats, I still want to greet you your bday in advance!
  • Let us throw you an advance birthday party, a birthday party, and a belated birthday party! Cheers in advance!
  • I know your birthday is still a few days away,
    but I am going to begin celebrating right from today.
    Happy birthday.
  • Even before you celebrate your bday, here are birthday greetings that would surely make your day.
  • I do not really want to miss your birthday but I have to pay my bills. Let me wish you a all the best in advance!
  • No matter how I cry or beg, I still have to write an exam on the day of your birthday so I’ll miss it. But happy bday in advance to you!
  • I am going to beat the countdown till the D-day appears… till then…
    Happy Birthday in advance!
  • To the most special person in the world, advance happy bday and lots of great surprises for you!
  • The excitement of your birthday is not letting me sleep at night. Its still a few hours to go but I really can’t resist myself to wish you a very happy birthday!
  • I never want to forget your bday, so I am greeting you in advance.
  • It makes me so sad that I would be missing your bday party, so let me greet you an advance happy birthday today.
  • If I greet you a day before your birthday, it’s not a guarantee that I will be the first one. So let me say congratulate birthday days before!
  • There is a special place in my heart for you. So I want to wish you before everyone else starts wishing too! Happy Birthday!
  • I want you to feel extra special on your birthday, so let me greet you in advance.
  • Let me just remind you that the day you blessed us all with your arrival is just a few hours away to come. I can’t help greeting you a happy birthday in advance!
  • I do not care about the date; all I care about is you so let’s celebrate already!
  • Since our motto is to live like there would be no tomorrow, I will not wait for tomorrow to greet you. Best birthday in advance!

birthday wishes in advance

More Birthday Wishes in Advance

We always think about how we celebrate our loved one’s birthday and how we can make it fantabulous and memorable. That’s, why we are sharing the Advance Birthday Wishes to our loved ones. If you also one of them who are searching the birthday wishes in advance to give your loved ones an advance birthday wishes. So, scroll down and all remaining birthday wishes in advance.

  • I would rather remember your birthday ahead than remember it late.
  • I want to be your first in everything, especially in greeting you on your special day
  • I am away from you on your birthday, but no matter where I am, I will surely celebrate for you.
  • May good times and happy memories be the special gifts that fill your birthday with happiness. Happy Birthday in Advance.
  • Let’s not celebrate your bday with a birthday card. Let’s do a countdown and a race to greeting you first!
  • We prepare for events in life in advance, which is why I am now greeting you days before your bday.
  • I wish that this year your desires would be realized. Advance bday to the most special person!
  • The only time I’m punctual in life is when I wish you a happy birthday. This year, it’s not going to be any different. Happy birth da birthday
  • Know that I will think of you even though I am not there for your bday.
  • Even though I am not there beside you, it never means that I do not care. Wishing you best birthday.
  • I am so proud of myself because I beat all the reminders and notifications of your bday
  • Wishing you a Happy birthday in advance!
  • I am a forgetful person, but for my favorite persons I always remember in advance
  • Wishing you the treasure of happy yesterdays and the gift of bright tomorrows Happy Birthday in advance!
  • I know that surprises are in store for you, but let me surprise you by greeting you.
  • I wish I could have a pause button so I could walk out of my other appointments and celebrate with you. Still, happy beautiful birthday in advanced
  • It may rain in your bday, but let me give sunshine through my advance greeting.
  • Because you are so modern and advance, I want to greet you in the same way too.
  • All your friends will remember to greet you on your special day, but I will make you feel special even before that day.
  • I always tell you everything first, so let me be the first to greet you too
  • Wishing myself a happy birthday in advance.
  • special people should have special treatment. now that you are going to have your special moment, allow me to use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to greet you in advance. happy birthday
  • Advance happy birthday to the love of my life from the core of my heart.
  • May good times and happy memories be the special gifts that fill your birthday with happiness. Happy Birthday In advance
  • In advance, I am sending you a delicious cake and lots of love… May all your dreams come true and happiness surround you always
  • You were born here wishing you a day that as wonderful as you are happy birthday in advance.
  • I would rather be early than late in greeting my favorite person Happy birthday in advance.
  • Dear In Advance wishing you a day which is as special as you are happy birthday in advance.
  • they say age is all in the mind so never think about your age. just live while you are young. happy birthday in advance
  • better early than late, especially when it comes to wishing my best mate. happy birthday in advance.
  • Advance happy birthday, I hope my effort is already enough to let you know how special you are to me.  live long and stay healthy

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