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Who is Lizbeth Meredith? Behind The TRUE STORY Lifetime Movie Spoke By Their Father


The movies based on real-life incidents give a special kind of thrill if you are a fan of this kind of genre then this article will bring a big smile to your face. Lifetime is really to launch a new thriller film titled “Stolen By Their Father” this weekend. But do you know the inspiration behind the film? “Stolen By Their Father” is based on the memoir of Lizabeth Meredith and follows her real-life story. The storyline of the film is centred around Lizabeth Meredith, who pull out all the stops to bring her daughters safely back home. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Who is Lizbeth Meredith?

Unexpectedly her daughters were abducted by their own father and the abusive former husband of Meredith. He continuously menaced to assassinate her if she made any wrong moves or took any step against him. The memoir of Lizabeth Meredith was titled “Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters”. If you are keen to know more about the story behind the film continue to read.

The description of the Amazon bestseller book reads that “Pieces Of Me recounts the struggle of Lizbeth to bring him her internationally kidnapped daughters from Greece to Alaska. It is the story of a 29-year-old lady whose own life was marked by family abuse violence and childhood abducting who then faced her own $100,000 issue on a $10 an hour budget. It further added that “It is the story of the liberal community in Anchorage, Alaska and of a greeting community in Greece who joined the efforts of Lizbeth to make the impossible a reality.”

Who Is Lizabeth Meredith?

Lizabeth Meredith is a well-known and award-winning author from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Besides that being a great writer, she is also a good podcaster, speaker and online marketing educator. Meredith earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in psychology. Apart from this Meredith has experience serving as a child abuse investigator, domestic violence attorney, and retired juvenile probation supervisor. Her parents were high school dropouts who parted ways prior to she was born.

While growing up, Meredith faced child abuse, sibling separation and poverty. At present, Lizbeth is happily reunited with her kids and living her best life. In a recent tweet, she penned: “Cheering to be joined by my grown little munchkins and my grandcat at today’s market!”

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