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100+ Happy New Year Wishes 2021, Quotes and Greetings

This year (2020) is very Hard for every person alive on earth. This year tells us real wealth is our health. It does not matter who you are your health must be your priority. So finally 2020 is come to end and 2021 will be coming up in a few days. Give a positive note to 2020 and start your 2021 with positive vibes by sharing the Happy New Year Wishes 2021, Quotes, and greetings. These wishes make your and your viewers day and after that celebrate the new year eve with your friends.

Now, in the New Year, we look back upon warm memories. You’ve had a hand in every wonderfully warm memory I have, Mom. Happy New Year!


My sister, my first friend, my constant support: In the coming year, I wish you all of the blessings you truly deserve. I love you, Sis.


Happy New Year, Grandma. I wish you a bright New Year, just like every year you have brightened in my life. Thank you.


May all your problems vanish as quickly as your new year’s resolution does every year. I wish you a happy new year full of happiness!


Remember mate that life always gives you a second chance. What are new years for? Grab your chances every time! Happy New Year.


New years bring you a lot of new problems. But the good thing is, they usually last just as long as your new year resolution. Happy new year!


I’m not making any new resolutions for the New Year. I’m really good at annoying you and I’ll simply continue on that path!


I’m not making any new resolutions for the New Year. I’m really good at annoying you and I’ll simply continue on that path!


You know what’s my favorite part of the new year? I always make my resolutions when I’m drunk so that I never am committed to them. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

To my awesome brother: thank you for the fun, and sometimes embarrassing memories we share. Let’s keep that tradition going in the upcoming year. Happy New Year.


As I look forward to a New Year, I always think of the gifts my parents have given me. Though we’re miles apart, you are always in my thoughts. Happy New Year.


You made last year so special for me. It is my greatest wish that this coming year be special for you.


As we step into another year I’d like to thank you for lifting me up every time when I am down and encouraging me to move forward. Have a beautiful year!


Life changes, but my New Year wish for you remains the same- I wish you happiness, good health and well-being from the bottom of my heart!

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

I wish you to look forward to the upcoming year with confidence and courage, giving wings to your dreams! Live your life to the fullest extent, Happy New Year!


Wishing a very Happy New Year to the one who adds sunshine to our family.


You know you’re old and tired when you just want to have nap instead of being drunk & have fun on a New Year’s Eve. Happy new year 2021!


Its time of the year to make new year’s resolutions that you know you can never keep. But you’ll do it anyway. Happy new year!


Life is already full of good things. You just have to stop complaining and be a little bit more optimistic. Enjoy this new year with a glass-half-full of vodka!

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

One more year has gone and you’re still the dumb person you were always. Let’s hope you can be a better person this year!


The funniest thing about the last day of a year is that you can make a bunch of unrealistic to-dos list & still everyone would say you can accomplish them!


A family like ours lights up every year with happiness and joy! And I am lucky to be a part of it! Happy New Year.


Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts. Happy New Year.


Wishing you 12 months of pleasure, 52 weeks of exciting, 365 days of laughter, 8760 hours of good luck, 525600 mints of joy, and 31536000 seconds of success. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

We have many reasons to celebrate the New Year but the most important among all is to improve our lives, happy New Year.


this New Year maintains the zeal and faith that we will achieve what we set out. Have a new year full of successes.


Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you have great days ahead and the daring to carry out his plans to accompany them.


Let go of the past behind you. Right ahead, lies a new beginning. Make it an unforgettable experience. Happy New Year.


On the way to success, the rule is, always to look ahead. May you reach your destination. May your journey be outstanding. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Greeting on the new year is very crucial to make a new start to the year 2021. The things that happen in 2020 leave them at the end of the year. So, start your year 2021 with positivity and share the Happy New Year Greetings 2021 with your family and friends. At last, celebrate your new year’s eve in the best possible manner during this pandemic situation.

May God bring to you Warmth of love and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Happy New Year!


May every day of yours be converted with lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year.


Without you, last year wouldn’t be so full of sweet memories. I can’t wait to do the same in this year. Wishing you a happy new year!


Last year was a special year in my life because I met you. Next year will be special because I already have you as my best friend!


It feels wonderful to think about how quickly we became such good friends to each other. I’m sure our friendship will last forever. Happy new year 2021

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new start. Happy New Year.


Cheers to the New Year. May it be a extraordinary one. Happy New Year.


May each day of the New Year Bring happiness, good cheer And sweet surprises… To you and all your dear ones! Happy New Year!


May all your dreams come true and may you find the love of your life this new year. I have only good wish for you. Thank you for being such a good friend to me!


May you become a billionaire this new year so I don’t have to pay your restaurant bills anymore. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead!

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

May the upcoming year bring more delight to you than last year. May you have an incredible year. Happy New Year.


New Year offers new experiments and new expectations. Fill your life with new joys and surround yourself with only people who love you well. Happy New Year.


Let’s give a warm welcome to the year that starts a new, appreciate each moment that the year shall behold, so let’s come together and celebrate a wonderful start to the New Year. Happy New Year.


Let us thank god for a fruitful year that’s coming to an end today. May he keep us blessed with his supreme light of power and knowledge!


May the almighty shower your life with the love of dear ones and keep you always on the right path in life. Happy new year to you and your family!

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.


Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier.


For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.


We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.


It’s almost the end of one more wonderful year for us. I promise, my love for you will only be stronger with the passing of each day in the new year!

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

You’ve been the most amazing friend in my life throughout the past years. I hope you’ll never stop doing that. Happy new year!


There is nothing is this world that can weaken my love for you. I am yours till the end of time. Wishing you a year full of love!


I may not always appreciate you as a friend, but deep in my heart, I have a place for you that no one can ever take. Happy new year!


Becoming your friend was the best thing I’ve done in last year. I would really like to keep this friendship alive for the rest of my life!


Remember when we were young and wanted to stay up for New Year’s? Now we are old and all we want to do is sleep.


Last year we got older and slower but we had a good time. Let’s make sure we do the same in this New Year.

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

Happy New Year friend. I hope you saved some champagne because I’m going to need some drinks all year.


This year may we continue to share the genuine friendship that adds happiness and warmth to even the most mundane days.


You’re supposed to let go of the past and start off new. You are supposed to forgive all those who hurt you and be open to new relationships, with open arms. That is why, it is called the ‘New’ Year. May you have a Happy New Year friend!


I enjoyed this year with you so much that I can’t wait to begin another. Thank your for showing me the true color of friendship. Happy new year dear friend!


I have received many blessings in life, but you will always be the best one that god has ever given me. Happy new year my friend!

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

If you are searching the 2021 happy new year greetings and quotes then below you will find the best Happy New Year Quotes and Wishes for the Year 2021. Select the best one according to you and spread happiness by sharing this with your friends. If you like our work, then never forget to leave your valuable comment below.

Happy New Year! May God pour all happiness and prosperity on you in this New Year!


I wish you pure joy, laughter and peace of mind in this New Year. Happy New Year!


Let us be grateful for another wonderful year, may the year give us more memories to share. Happy New Year!


Knowing you has been a master class in true friendship. During the New Year, I hope to emulate your love and warmth. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every new year comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead.


Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

Every year we make resolutions and we vow to keep them. This year, my only resolution is to keep spending time with you.


I’m so excited to make new plans and new memories with you. let’s make this year as good as the last one.


This time of year, it’s important to gather friends around and spend time together. I am eager to ring in the new year with you.


Every year we try to diet and exercise. Maybe this year our plans will actually work. Happy New Year friend.


May you have a prosperous New Year.


Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

May the new year bless you with health, wealth and happiness.


In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.


May your teeth be white, your eyes be bright, and your capacity for love at its height!


May the new year see you loving, giving and living!


Happy New Year’s now and always!


May your most used attire in the new year be a smile.


Have a wonderful New Year surrounded by those that mean most!


May you fill you New Year with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings!


New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements Everything Waiting for You. Forget The Failures. Correct Your Mistakes. Surely Success is yours. Happy NEW YEAR.

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Before the old sun sets, and the old calendar get destroyed, before anyone else starts wishing and the mobile network jams, I wish you in advance: Happy new year. Enjoy every moment.


Keep the smile, forget the tears, love the good, chuck out the bad- all these are my wishes in this New Year for you. Happy new year!


This New Year I wish you to have courage to fight for your dreams and also blessings of Almighty to help you emerge winner as you strive.


As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!


Here’s a toast to the future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near. The past a bright dream; may our friends remain faithful and clear.


May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

As we start the New Year, let’s get down on our knees to thank God we’re on our feet.


Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.


Good Health, Good Luck and much Happiness Throughout the Year.


May God gift you a style to convert your dream into reality in this new year. Wish You a Happy New Year 2021


I raise my glass today in wishing everyone a well loved, enjoyable, happy and successful new year, much love and Cheers!!! 🍻🍻

Happy New Year Quotes 2021

God, this year I want a fat bank account and a slim waistline. Last year you switched them around. Please get it right this year. 😀 😀


God, this year I want a fat bank account and a slim waistline. Last year you switched them around. Please get it right this year. 😀 😀


It’s a brand New Year! A new chance for new beginnings! Close the door to all regrets, mistakes,and learn from it! Make the best of every day!.


It’s time for new hopes…new dreams… a new beginning… Welcome 2021 with enthusiasm !! 😇😇


It’s a brand New Year! A new chance for new beginnings! Close the door to all regrets, mistakes,and learn from it! Make the best of every day!

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

Happy New Year Greetings 2021

My new saying for the year..”that doesn’t work for me”


New Year’s Eve is finally here!! Tomorrow brings a whole new year and many changes, chances, and new life!! Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone 🙂 💥 🎈 🎉


My wish to everyone in 2021 – May your worries be less, and your positives more, and may nothing but happiness come through your doors.


Tips to Celebrate Safe New Year During This Covid-19 Pandemic

The safety of your loved ones is very crucial in the celebration of New Year during this pandemic. So, you need to ensure your loved one’s safety arrangements during the New Year celebration and yours as well. That’s why we are sharing some tips for the New Year celebration below:

  • Avoid huge crowd, celebrate your new year with you nearby family and friends.
  • Use mask, hand sanitizers, and maintain social distancing.
  • Check safety measures before entering like body temperature.
  • Try to celebrate New Year Eve in open Space & avoid close surrounded parties.
  • Avoid traveling & Send your loved ones Happy New Year 2021 Wishes, Quotes, and Greetings.
  • Virtual and online webcam talk parties from your location would also be a great choice.

At last, try to celebrate this New Year with proper safety arrangements because your safety should be your priority. If it is not possible to celebrate this New Year, then send your family and friends above Happy New Year 2021 Wishes.

To know more about the new year check out the Wikipedia link: New Year

Final Wordings For Safe New Year Eve

At last, we only want the safety of your loved ones. So, celebrate the safe new year with your family and friends. There is no need to host a big party of 100-200 peoples. This year celebrate your New Year’s eve with your family. You can share some best Happy New Year Quotes 2021, Wishes, and Greetings to your family and friends to celebrate the safe New Year.

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